Who We Are
Missio Youth exists to walk alongside students, love them as they are, and nurture their faith by introducing them to a relational and intimate God. We hope to be a network of adults who kids can navigate the challenges of life with in middle and high school. Our desire is that they learn who Jesus is and how he sees them as uniquely gifted and loved. We encourage students to ask questions and lean into the unknown. In the end, we want to provide a safe space for your kids where they can be themselves and feel known and loved by God and our community! Youth are an integral part of our community.

What We Value
Our goal for students is that they get to:

  • Know Jesus personally
  • Know other youth who are following Jesus
  • Have a lot of fun!

How We Connect
We meet on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm in the Community Hall at Missio. We meet with both middle and high school students together for activities, games and gospel teaching, then split up for small group discussion and sharing.

Connecting with youth groups from other churches in SW Portland is also part of our rhythm, providing a great opportunity for students to worship, learn, connect and have fun within the greater Body of Christ in our city.

We also look for opportunities for youth to serve others at Missio and in our city.

Serving Missio Youth
We believe in investing in the lives of the next generation and we invite you to partner with us in this important ministry. Missio Youth is looking for leaders who:

  • Have a heart for middle and high schoolers
  • Have a passion to share the Gospel with younger generations
  • Are willing to listen and authentically engage in the lives of students
  • Are willing to have fun!

If this is you and you’re interested in volunteering, want to learn more, or would like to be added to an email list for regular updates, please email our Family Ministries Co-Director, Tim Boettcher.