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Hello Missio Family.

Welcome to spring! I want to send a quick follow-up email (from the one sent at the beginning of March) to share that starting this Sunday, April 3, wearing a mask will be optional in our Missio Expression and in Missio Kids.
The Missio Ministry Board and Staff Team believe that this is a faithful decision for our community at this time, and are grateful that we can take this step together.
Once again, I am aware that there may be mixed feelings about this decision but have great faith that we will continue to love one another with the unique love that Jesus has given to us. 

As we take this step together I am calling on us to be united in Christ's love and grace, and not judge one another for whatever mask choice people exercise in our Expression starting this Sunday.

Our Missio Community has demonstrated a shared responsibility for keeping each other (and our broader community) healthy and safe throughout the pandemic, and I am incredibly grateful for that and am confident that we will continue to walk in that posture together no matter what comes our way.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I am so grateful to be part of this community and humbled to get to lead us in following Jesus and making him known in this world. Go, Missio, and be salt and light in Christ where ever God has placed you today. 

Grace and peace,

Dominic Kan
Missio Lead Pastor