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Holy Week is a time set apart for us to remember and reflect on the events leading up to Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for the world, and his victory over sin of the world.
As we engage this week be reminded that Jesus did not want to walk this path to the cross alone. He invited his disciples to gather for one last meal, serving them and caring for them around the dinner table. He invited them to the garden to pray with him. Jesus’ love is always engaging and inviting people towards himself. You are invited to join us - the Missio Family together - on this journey. 
Holy Week Journey - packet of materials & a guide created to provide four days of engagement not only to commemorate the events leading up to the celebration of Easter Sunday.  Download the guide below!
Good Friday Experience - an in-person experience to help prepare our hearts and minds for remembering Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.  Sign Up (to reserve a time slot) 5-8pm!
Easter Sunday - join us this Sunday @ 10:30AM (via Zoom) as we celebrate the ressurection of Christ through song and teaching. 
We'd love to see how you're engaging & celebrating this week!
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