Compassion Fund

Jesus, when talking to his disciples in John 13, said that one of the ways that the world will know that we are his disciples is through the way that we love one another. And, in Galatians 6, Paul tells us to bear one another’s burdens in love because when we do so we fulfill the instruction of Christ. 

At Missio, we desire to walk in that compassionate and obedient love of Jesus together at all times. Especially, in times like these. And, we believe the expression of this love to one another is to be holistic by serving to meet one another's relational, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs; as God cares for and loves us holistically. Missio’s Compassion Fund exists to allow the church family to come alongside those who are experiencing financial hardship and are in need of temporary assistance and support. 

To inquire or apply:

  1. Download the application here and complete the form.

  2. Upon application, completion email the completed form by clicking here.

  3. The application review process will take place.

  4. Notification of determination & or support will then be communicated to the applicant.

The Compassion Fund is funded at this time by both a percentage of general giving and through the additional benevolent giving of the Missio Family.

If you would like to specifically give to the Compassion Fund, you can do so securely through the Missio app or website. Click here to give online!

To inquire for more information or if you have questions, please email us here!